“I understand that I broke the law, and I have lost liberties because of that. But no one, no matter what they’ve done, should be denied fundamental human rights. Our constitution protects everyone living under it; fundamental rights must not be left at the prison door.”

—inmate being held in Pelican Bay Secure Housing Unit, one of the high-security isolation units in which over 3000 prisoners are being held in California. 

Right now 30,000 prisoners in California are on hunger strike. California is one of over 40 US states to abuse solitary confinement - holding people in isolation for as much as 20 years or more.

According to the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture, solitary confinement, even for a limited period, can cause serious psychological harm.

Join Amnesty International in calling on California officials to end abusive use of solitary confinement in the state’s prisons.